Niam plastic co. with use of the newest and advanced technology of there machinery are able to manufacture rigid PVC film in different colors, width and thickness (100 - 800 mic)

n.p. 101: Single layer rigid PVC film for PTP (Push Through Packaging)

n.p. 102: Single layer rigid PVC film for deep drawing vacuum forming with excellent transparency.

n.p. 103: Single layer rigid PVC film in various colors for stationary and decoration.

n.p. 104: Single layer rigid PVC film for cooling towers fill pack with high temperature performance & excellent resistance against weathering, UV light & microbial attacks.

n.p. 105: Double layer rigid PVC/PE film for food & medical device packaging with excellent barrier properties against moisture. This product can be able to sterilize with Gamma ray.

ISO 9002 Certified One of the greatest producers of P.V.C film in Iran